Plus One Global Consulting Limited 正式加入商界環保協會 (BEC)

Post : 2021-10-08

Plus One Global Consulting Limited 正式加入商界環保協會 (BEC)。商界環保協會透過諮詢、研究、評估、培訓及獎項計劃等,提供全面可持續發展的專業顧問及技術支援,以提升香港的環保效益及邁向低碳經濟。通過加入協會,我們期望學習如何以平衡環境、社會和經濟的方式,實踐負責任營商理念。希望透過正式和聯誼活動,以及由會員主導的委員會,與業內理念相近的機構建立聯繫,進行協作,比較表現,以及交流想法。並且透過參與協會的會議和活動,向商界領袖和社會賢達了解最佳實踐模式和環境領域的新興趨勢。我們會主動爭取參與諮詢活動和焦點小組討論的機會,以敦促和支持政府制定有利於環保創新和卓越的政策框架。

Plus One Global Consulting Limited has become a general member of the Business Environment Council (BEC). BEC offers sustainable solutions and professional services covering advisory, research, assessment, training and award programmes for government, business and the community, thus enabling environmental protection and contributing to the transition to a low carbon economy. As a member of BEC, we are interested in learning responsible business practices that balance economic, social and environmental interests. We hope to build up connections with like-minded organisations, as well as to access the best practices and emerging trends in the environmental arena from business leaders and visionaries via conferences, events and initiatives. We will also seek opportunities to participate actively in consultations and focus group discussions to urge and support the government in developing a policy framework conducive to environmental innovation and excellence.

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