Plus One Global Consulting Limited 成為「全民造升」計劃贊助機構

Post : 2021-12-01

「全民造升」是由城市女青年商會主辦的計劃。踏入二十世紀,新一代在職場上的挑戰非常大。特別是年輕人帶著豐富的學識進入職場,希望能夠大展拳腳,為自己的事業打拼。然而,當入職不久,總會覺得上流力不足,懷才不遇,卻苦無對策。 計劃透過向僱主與在職青年僱員,以具參考性的問卷調查做基礎,了解雙方需要,並為有潛質的在職青年提供訓練,令年輕人更有方向進修,提升競爭力;並拉近僱員與僱主之間的期望與溝通,為這批年輕人增加上流力(升職、管理機會)。計劃期望達至的目的如下:
1) 加強各企業及青年之間的聯繫,彼此互相交流職場上的知識;提昇青年在市場上的競爭力;
2) 提昇職場青年的正向思維;
3) 透過一系列活動宣揚積極自我裝備的訊息,令初出茅廬的職場青年明白投入職場需要作多方面的準備;同時鼓勵企業提供訓練予員工,提升員工各方面的能力,從而達至有高效的運作;
4) 強調青年商會在青年方面的發展,透過與其他機構合作,配合我們成為積極公民的理念,對社會作出正面改變。


The Rising Star is a project organized by JCI City Lady (CLJC). In the twentieth century, teens face huge challenges in the workplace. Fresh graduates expect to develop their potential in the workplace by applying their knowledge. However, most of them feel helpless when they find it challenging to get upward mobility. The Rising Star is a project that enhances the understanding of the needs of others between employers and employed teenagers by providing relevant surveys for reference. Training will also be provided to employed teenagers as a way to sharpen their competitive edge. Communication between employers and employees is hoped to be improved as to provide opportunities for upward mobility for teenagers. The aim of the project includes:
1) Strengthen the connection between companies and teenagers by encouraging them to exchange ideas about the workplace. Sharpen the competitive edge of the teenagers.
2) Encourage teenagers to cultivate positive mindset.
3) Provide activities that promotes the message of self-enhancement to inspire the teenagers to get well-prepared for employment. Encourage companies to provide training to employees as a way to improve the capabilities of employees and also ensure the effective operation of the companies.
4) Highlight CLJC's works on the development of teenagers. Make positive changes to society by collaborating with other institutions.

Plus One Global Consulting Limited has become a sponsor of this project. Our company has always worked hard to enhance the development of the employees. One of our SDGs policy is to create a satisfying working environment for our employees and help them to explore their own potentials. We are delighted to become a sponsor of this project and we hope to provide more opportunites for teengagers to develop their potentials.

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