Plus One Global Consulting Limited 已簽署「不要鎢絲燈泡」節能約章

Post : 2021-09-10

Plus One Global Consulting Limited 已簽署「不要鎢絲燈泡」節能約章,為了應對氣候變化並提倡「珍惜資源﹑全民節能」,本公司將承諾停用指定的鎢絲燈泡作一般照明用途,轉而採用較高能源效益的照明燈具,以達到節省電力及推廣環保的效果。我們深信每間公司都有義務為環保出一分力,在自己的崗位上減少二氧化碳排放。

Plus One Global Consulting Limited has signed up to the Government's Energy Saving Charter on "No Incandescent Light Bulbs (ILB)" in Hong Kong. In order to combat climate change and to encourage community-wide participation in saving energy, we promise to refrain from procuring targeted ILB for general lighting purposes and to adopt more energy-efficient lighting as a way to save energy. As a stakeholder in the society, we believe that it is our responsibility to protect the environment by reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

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