Plus One Global Consulting Limited 正式加入物流及供應鏈多元技術研發中心 (LSCM)

Post : 2021-08-16




  • 成為一所在物流、供應鏈管理、電子商貿及相關產業研發領域的領先卓越研發中心
  • 成為開創和促進本地工業自主創新科技發展、致力與業界及社區合作的卓越研發中心


  • 通過開創及進行研發活動,提升在物流、供應鏈、電子商貿及相關產業的核心技術能力,並引領業界進行應用研究和開發工作
  • 促進本地工業的自主科研力量,並為在本港 / 內地營運的業界(公營和私營)提供專業技術、知識與創新及科技基金的支援
  • 致力與業界(特別是中小企業)和社區合作,推廣創新科技,以提升生產力、效率、及為香港社會帶來積極影響

  • 開展推動物流業發展的研究項目
  • 提供諮詢及市場情報服務
  • 提供商業配對及技術轉移平台
  • 促成知識產權商業化

LSCM 的貢獻


  • 發展專門但應用廣泛的技術


  • 根據各大學∕研究所的專家和技術專長,進行緊密合作,並資助、推動、發展市場導向的研究項目


  • 向公眾提供公眾技術平台,使嶄新科技在不同領域上得到充分應用


We are delighted to announce that Plus One Global Consulting Limited has become a member of Logistics and Supply Chain MultiTech R&D Centre (LSCM). LSCM was founded in 2006 with funding from the Innovation and Technology Fund of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Since its inception, LSCM’s mission has been to foster the development of core competencies in logistics and supply chain-related technologies in Hong Kong, and to facilitate the adoption of these technologies by industries in Hong Kong as well as Mainland China.

About LSCM:

  • To be a leading Centre of Excellence in logistics, supply chain management, e-Commerce and related industrial research and development

  • To be a Centre of Excellence to initiate and facilitate indigenous innovation and technology by local industries, and collaborate with industries and communities to embrace innovation and technology


  • Initiate and conduct R&D activities to develop core technological competencies in the logistics, supply chain, e-Commerce and related industries, and to lead the industries in applied research and development work

  • Facilitate the indigenous technological research by industries (public and private) in Hong Kong / Mainland China by providing expertise, knowledge and Innovation & Technology Funding support

  • Collaborate with industries (especially SMEs) and communities to adopt and embrace innovation and technology for productivity, efficiency, social well-being and making positive impact to Hong Kong


The Centre has been commissioned to be a one-stop resource for applied research, technology transfer and commercialization. This is achieved by undertaking the following roles and functions:

  • Conduct industry-oriented researches

  • Provide consulting and market intelligence services

  • Provide a platform for business matching and technology transfer

  • Facilitate intellectual property commercialisation


To the industry:

  • While LSCM’s technology development is focused on niche applications, its target is to serve a broad spectrum of users

To the academia:

  • LSCM aims at closer cooperation to conduct market-driven research based on each university/research institute’s expertise and technological strengths

To the public sector:

  • LSCM strives to provide a Public Technology Platform to forge technology advancement in different areas

As a member of LSCM, Plus One has an opportunity to build up network with companies from a broad range of industries as well as high calibre researchers and technology leaders. We can also gain access to events, technical expertise, research resources and business opportunities. LSCM is an excellent platform for marketing and exposure, development and adoption of new and superior technologies as well as opportunities for learning and professional advancement. 

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