Regulated Agent Regime (RAR) Security Training
Under the Regulated Agent Regime (RAR) of the Hong Kong Airport Aviation Security Programme, a one-day certificate course is designed to provide adequate training of handling international cargo to regulated agents (RA) in order to meet one of the RA’s main registration conditions.

objective.png (48 KB)Learning Objectives:
After completion of the course, participants will have acquired the following knowledge and skills:
• Possess a clear understanding of the concept of air cargo security in respect of aviation security;
• Possess a good understanding of the background and the legal requirements of RAR;
• Fully understand the requirements of Regulated Agent Security Program (RASP);
• Fully understand the definition, recognition and responsibilities of Known Consignor, Regulated Agent and Airline (Aircraft) Operator;
• Fully understand the co-loading, inter-RA AWB & inter-Agent AWB handling procedures in relation to the operations of RAR;
• Be capable to prepare the shipping document and record-keeping in accordance with RAR requirements;
• Be capable to master appropriate security controls to cargo consignment;
• Raise security awareness on air cargo operations during cargo acceptance, preparation, storage, and transportation.

group.png (34 KB)Target Group:

Personnel from Freight Forwarder/Regulated Agent/Subcontractor of Freight Forwarder who involves in cargo security duties (accepting, documenting and handling of cargo)
Participants of this course are expected to:
• Have some cargo experience in particular before;

• Be now working in cargo agents/logistics/warehouse/transportation companies.

duration.png (26 KB)Duration deliverymode.png (28 KB)Delivery Mode language.png (36 KB)Language of Instruction
4 hours 30 mins Classroom Cantonese

activity.png (62 KB)Classroom activities:

lecture final.png (54 KB)                        discussion.png (68 KB)                         case study.png (82 KB)                           gp activities 3.png (103 KB)                            exercises 2.png (93 KB)

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Regulated Agent Regime (RAR) Security Training

Regulated Agent Regime (RAR) Security Training

28 Dec 2021

Instructor: Mr. Maric Cheng

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