Dangerous Goods Awareness Training for Cat. 4 & 5 Personnel

objective.png (48 KB)Learning Objectives:
This training aims to ensure learners having the basic knowledge of current regulations and being able to identify the hidden DG. By the end of the course, learners will be able to:
• Know the definition of the Dangerous Goods;
• Understand the basic of the Dangerous Goods Regulations;
• Recognize the nature of Dangerous Goods;
• Recognize the classes of Dangerous Goods by their labels;
• Identify the dangerous goods by their marks, labels and documents;
• Identify some dangerous goods may also be incompatible with some types of non-DG cargo;
• Know what proper emergency reporting procedures are;
• Sharing of latest reported DG incidents involving shipments of undeclared lithium batteries in Hong Kong, to enable students exercise extra caution when handling cargo shipments with similar situation in future.

group.png (34 KB)Target Group:
Category 4 and 5 Personnel defined by IATA DGR

duration.png (26 KB)Duration deliverymode.png (28 KB)Delivery Mode language.png (36 KB)Language of Instruction
4 hours 15 mins Classroom Cantonese

activity.png (62 KB)Classroom activities:
lecture final.png (54 KB)                        discussion.png (68 KB)                         case study.png (82 KB)                           gp activities 3.png (103 KB)                            exercises 2.png (93 KB)

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Dangerous Goods Awareness (DGA) Training

Dangerous Goods Awareness Training for Cat. 4 & 5 Personnel

29 December 2021

Instructor: Mr. Maric Cheng

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