Plus One Global Consulting Limited 正式加入香港空運運輸業協會 (HAAT)

Post : 2020-08-26

Plus One Global Consulting Limited 正式加入香港空運運輸業協會 (HAAT)。香港空運運輸業協會致力為本港運輸業謀求福利,為同業權益、社會事務及運輸業安定繁榮而努力。HAAT的宗旨包括:
  • 為會員謀取合理而合法之利益保障。
  • 維護本行業之安定繁榮,爭取合理權益。
  • 加強同業間之聯繫,發揮守望相助精神。
  • 維持本行業之團結,調解同業間之糾紛。
  • 跟與本行業有關之機構保持緊密聯繫,諸等機構包括:香港空運貨站有限公司(HACTL)、亞洲空運中心有限公司(AAT)、國泰航空服務有限公司(CPSL)、機場空運中心有限公司(AFFC)、香港貨運業協會有限公司(HAFFA)、各大航空公司及政府部門,藉此促進彼此合作精神,共同建立友好關係。

Plus One Global Consulting Limited has become a corporate member of Hong Kong Association of Aircargo Truckers (HAAT). HAAT has been committed to fighting for the rights and benefits of the freight forwarding industry in Hong Kong and has had spectacular success. In the future, the Association will endeavor to strive for the stability, growth and the rights of the industry. The Mission of HAAT includes:
  • Fight for legitimate rights for members.
  • To strive for the stability, growth and the rights of the freight forwarding industry.
  • To strengthen the ties between business in the freight forwarding industry and to encourage different companies to help each other.
  • To increase the co-operation between different companies and to moderate disputes between companies.
  • To have a close relationship with different organizations in the transportation industry such as, Hactl, AAT, CPSL, AFFC, HAFFA, different airlines and government departments to facilitate the development and operation of the transportation industry.
As a member of HAAT, we hope to further build up connection with the stakeholders of the air cargo industry, with whom we can join hands to increase the safety standard and facilitate the development of the industry.

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