Plus One Global Consulting Limited 正式加入香港工業總會 (FHKI)

Post : 2021-04-27



As a member of Federation of Hong Kong Industries, the only statutory chamber in Hong Kong, we hope that our company can become the connection of people that plays vital role in both the political and commercial sectors from all over the world, as well as to develop the global network of our business.

We hope to perform our duties as a member of FHKI by meeting government officials directly in LegCo in order to get the voice of the industry's representative heard and their demand understood by the authorities. Covering multinationals, local SMEs and startups in both traditional and emerging industries, FHKI members form the most representative industrial and commercial business spectrum in the city. That provides us chances to develop the network of our company and to wield influence on the industry's development. It is hoped that we can develop the vision and power of our company by participating in the business matching and overseas missions of FHKI in order to provide quality services to our customers.

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